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A cancer diagnosis can require support from a range of services outside the scope of healthcare professionals. These services are essential in alleviating some of the stress and hardship experienced by patients, carers, and families. Search for financial service assistance, specialised support groups and other not-for-profit organisations in your state. If you cannot find the service or support group that you’re looking for please contact us at support@rarecancers.org.au or phone our Patient Support Team on 1800 257 600.

If you represent a support service or not-for-profit and wish to be recognised in this database, please contact us at support@rarecancers.org.au. This list is constantly being updated.

RCA is not affiliated with any of the support groups or non-profit organisations listed in the KnowledgeBase. It is the responsibility of the patient and their carer(s) to determine whether any of the support groups or organisations listed on this website may provide some benefit to them.

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If your organisation or service is not listed in this Directory and you’d like it to be include, please contact Rare Cancers Australia on support@rarecancers.org.au or 1800 257 600.

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